Drink the Waters of Eternal Life

(Romanos and Adam -option B)

“I Thirst No More”

  1. Christ cried, “I thirst!”

His breath exhaled true love.

  1. His cry broke the curse,

Bringing new life from above.

  1. Thirst will you no longer,

In Christ you’re forever stronger.

  1. Angels, man today unite,

peace wins, put down the fight.

  1. Cry you no more.

Thirst you no more.

Desert waters flow.

  1. The Hebrew people did thirst,

in the desert “mercy” was their cry.

From the rock waters burst,

their hope in Yahweh, never to die.

  1. Mortals who see no hope,

thirst  for God’s mercy.

Humanity who suffer and grope

cling to Christ’s victory.

  1. In Christ you thirst no more,

the Cross wrought the winning score.

The vice of death  no longer,

the Paschal Lamb ever stronger.

  1. The resurrection of the Eternal Word,

Everlasting, Life-giving Waters out poured.

The prince of iniquity conquered,

True Love and Justice restored.

  1. Salvation comes to us today,

all heaven and Earth unite— so may

the Waters of Life forever flow,

inducing love, I thirst no more.


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